If your business uses Jobs and Timesheets (instead of Approve Shifts and Submit shifts), the below guide will assist with managing your timesheets.

Please note, Jobs & Timesheets are an older part of the foundU platform, and we recommend transitioning to Approve Shifts. For more information, get in touch with your account/ implementation manager.

How employees submit timesheets

View this guide on how employees submit timesheets in their employee portal.

You can also create a manual timesheet for example:

  1. A Job timesheet e.g. If a candidate does not have a timesheet to submit but is still required to submit one, you can easily create a timesheet manually by using a Job timesheet. 
  2. Or Create a new timesheet. 
Submit timesheets on behalf of an employee
You can submit a timesheet on behalf of an employee.

To submit a timesheet:

  1. In the quick menu, navigate to Time & Attendance > Timesheets
  2.  Search for the timesheet using the Date Filter/ Employee name filter  and select Find Timesheets
  3.  Locate the desired timesheet (with the status Ready to Submit), and Click either on the Grey Paper Plane icon to submit, or click the down arrow and select Submit for Employee
  4. Enter the Timesheet details. Click + Add Shift or + Add Reimbursement to add shifts or reimbursements.
  5. Click Edit Purchase Orders if required. You can also Enable a PO per shift
  6. Click Upload Timesheet to attach an image of the physical timesheet.
  7. Click Submit.

Manage Timesheets
Edit a timesheet

You are able to edit timesheets from Time & Attendance > Timesheets

  1. Find the timesheet that has been submitted using the filters. Use the search to find a specific employee.
  2. Click on the Timesheet ID to view the digitally entered hours link to check the physical timesheet and a breakdown of how the hours have been calculated.
    • In the top right, you see:

      • The Total Shift hours e.g. 37.5

      • Estimated timesheet gross e.g. $951.85

      • Estimated Timesheet charge (will only display if you have charge rates e.g. labour hire businesses) e.g. $3375.00

  3. If a physical timesheet has been uploaded by an employee you will also see a View Timesheet File button. Click on this button to see the uploaded physical timesheet.

  4. Select View breakdown for a shortcut to the Award Test page to see the Ordinary over time and leave hours breakdowns.

  5. You can even select Edit Timesheet, for example, to add in extra shifts (select + Add Shift under the relevant day) worked or allowances.
    • In the example below we added a travel allowance and entered in how many kilometres the allowance is for.

  6. Make the required changes and click Submit Changes > Ok.
  7. Click the tick icon next to the status to Accept the timesheet.

  8. Click on the timesheet ID again to confirm the changes that have been made.

Delete a timesheet

To delete a timesheet:

  1. In the quick menu navigate to Time & Attendance > Timesheets
  2. Use the filter to search for the timesheets, or the search bar to find a specific employee.
  3. Click the drop-down next to Ready to Submit for the timesheet you wish to delete and click Remove.


Accept a timesheet

Administrators or Operations can be primarily responsible for accepting weekly timesheets - it depends on the arrangement. Administrators can accept timesheets on behalf of Operations if the need arises.

  1. Navigate to Time & Attendance > Timesheets.
  2. Use the Date filters to enter the date range for the timesheets you wish to view.
  3. You can use the Timesheet Status filter to only view timesheets that are:
    1. Submitted (Pending Approval) = Employee has submitted timesheets ready for approval.
    2. Ready to Submit = Employee has not yet submitted their timesheet (you can do this on their behalf if required).
  4. Or you can leave filters blank to view all timesheets at any status.
  5. Apply any Operation or Office Code filters if required, or leave them blank to view all.
  6. Click Find Timesheets.

Approve a submitted timesheet

  1. You can first review the timesheet data by clicking the Timesheet ID or Ready to Submit (if no Timesheet Id is present). You can Edit Timesheet here if needed, or click Submit if you are ready to approve.

  2. Click the tick button next to Submitted to approve the timesheet. This data will now flow through to payroll ready for processing.
    • The timesheet will now change to Accepted (Ready to pay).



Approving a timesheet with a leave request

  1. In the quick menu navigate to Time & Attendance > Timesheets and use the filters to search for your desired Date range or employee.
  2. Select edit, and view the timesheet using the submitted status drop-down box. Enter the details for Leave (e.g. number of hours being used) depending on the type (Annual Leave, Personal Leave, LWOP, Redeem TOIL) and choose did not work checkbox (for a specific shift if the employee didn't work that shift).
    • Note you can also accept the submitted timesheet and then edit the timesheet (for example if you're approving leave retrospectively).
  3. Then accept the submitted timesheet either using the tick box or use the drop-down menu and select Accept.

Bulk accept, unaccept or delete timesheets

To bulk accept, delete or unaccept timesheets:

  1. Go to Time & Attendance > Timesheets.
  2. Select the date range to search for timesheets in the From and To sections.

To bulk accept or delete timesheets:

  1. In Timesheet Status, select 'Submitted (Pending Approval)'.
  2. If required, filter by any other criteria or leave blank to view all.
  3. Click Find Timesheets.
  4. Select the check box next to specific timesheets, or check the box at the top to select all.
  5. Click Bulk Actions, Accept or Delete.

To bulk unaccept timesheets:

  1. In Timesheet Status, select 'Accepted (Ready to Pay)'.
  2. If required, filter by any other criteria or leave blank to view all.
  3. Click Find Timesheets. 
  4. Select the check box next to specific timesheets, or check the box at the top to select all.
  5. Click Bulk Actions, Unaccept.