Add a qualification to your Qualification List

Qualifications need to be added to your Qualification List before they can be assigned to Employees or Clients/Locations.

To Add a qualification to your Qualification list:

  1. In the quick menu, select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Platform Settings > Qualification List.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter the qualification name then click Save.

Remember: This is also a great place to add site-specific inductions.


Employee onboarding and uploading the new Qualification

If you're still in the process of onboarding, please note that the qualification thats been added in the Qualification List.

Employees can also be seen as a drop-down qualification from the Employee portal so that the employee can upload this qualification through their employee profile.

Adding a qualification to an employee profile

Once set up, now in People > Approved People and employee profile you'll be able to add a specific qualification to an employee profile which is located in the Compliance > Qualifications Licenses Inductions section.



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