Reopening a job

Administrators can reopen a job for Operations 3 hours after a job is completed.

  • This is due to Operations being unable to reopen a job 3 hours after a job has been completed.

To reopen a job:

  1. Navigate to the Operation profile (Operations > Approved Operations > Operation Profile).
  2. Select the Jobs icon and then click on Jobs.
  3. Click on the ID# of the completed job.
  4. On the following page click the Reopen button.
  5. A small screen will pop-up screen will then appear listing the employees who will be notified of the job being re-opened. In same pop-up, you are able to select a new end date for the job which can be either Ongoing or a selected End Date.
  6. Once your selection has been made, a notifications will be sent to the relevant employee/s.



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