Add and edit Leave Rules / Entitlements

The foundU platform allows you to create custom leave rules. These can be applied to any employee (casual, full-time or part-time).

You will need to add a new rule for each type with different accrual rates or conditions that apply under different awards/agreements.

Some examples of leave include:

  • Annual Leave
  • Personal Leave / Carer Leave
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Community Service Leave e.g. Jury Service or Voluntary emergency management activities
  • Maternity Leave
  • Long Service Leave
  • Maternity / Paternity or Parental Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Volunteer Leave
  • Leave without Pay LWOP- (Unpaid leave)
  • RDO Rostered Day Off RDO

Through the setting up leave setting you can also choose how you wish to have leave types display (or not display on payslips). For example

  • Hide leave accruals on payslips

To add a new leave rule:

1. Navigate to the hamburger icon and in the full menu select Payroll Settings > Leave Rules.

2. Click Add New and enter a name for the leave type. e.g. Annual Leave, LWOP.



3. Complete all the leave rule settings including:

  • Title. e.g. Annual Leave. This will appear as the title when employees apply and on payslips.
  • Type: Pay or No Pay e.g. Annual Leave = Pay, LWOP (Leave With Out Pay = No Pay)
  • Apply to all new PPT employees: Do you wish to have this leave entitlement automatically applied to all new permanent employees going forward. This means you will not have to manually apply it each time you set up a new employee.
  • Add to current PPT without entitlement: This will apply the leave entitlement in bulk to all permanent employees that do not already have the leave type applied.
  • Variables on cashing/on leave application/termination - select applicable variables. Consult the relevant award or agreement if you are unsure.
  • Where can apply for leave from: 
    • timesheets (choose this if you would like employees to claim leave retrospectively on their timesheet)
    • leave application page (employees can apply for leave via their employee portal)
  • What to do when leave is taken (select how accruals should apply to paid leave hours):
    • Nothing: No accruals will occur. 
    • Accrue: The same leave type will accrue.
    • Accrue all other accruals: All leave types will accrue. 
  • Default Accrual Value (for ordinary hours or every hour worked)
  • Display Leave on Payslip: Do you wish to show the leave entitlement balance (hours accrued on the payslip)
  • Display on Payslip when paying: Show paid leave on employee payslip when processed.
  • Note: For example if you don't want to display sick leave accrued on the payslip you can choose to hide the accrual.
  • Reportable Leave Liability: Show leave entitlement as a liability in the Leave Liability report. See below:



  • Has file upload: Allows employee to upload a document e.g. Useful for Personal/Sick leave where you wish for the employee to upload a Medical Certificate.
  • Set number of days for file upload to be optional: If 'on', select the number of days required for the file (medical certificate) to be required. e.g. 2 days = if sick for 2 of more days in a row.
  • File upload is mandatory if leave falls on? This is useful if you require a file upload/medical certificate if the leave falls e.g. on both Fridays and Mondays.

4. Click Save.


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Note: Leave loading amount must be entered under the applicable award or agreement for it to be applied (Awards & Agreements > Select Relevant Award>  Rate Labels & Settings). 

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