Deductions Report (Processed and Unprocessed)

It may be helpful to generate a Deductions report to view all your deductions in a certain time period some common deduction types may be uniform, equipment deductions, rent deduction, overpayment deductions (where applicable).

There are two key deduction reports that can assist which are located in the quick menu Reports > Financial > Payroll Reports section

1) Processed Deductions- processed payroll deductions.

2) Unprocessed Deductions- pending payroll deductions.


Processed Deductions Report

Select the Duration (date range) and Optional Group by options (you can have multiple grouping options by clicking the Add Grouping button).

Additional Filter options include filtering by:

- Specific Employees

- Operations/ Venues

- Office Codes

- Specific Deductions e.g. types

- Batch (if applicable)

- Cash Basis (if applicable select the tick box)

Click Submit to run the report.




Unprocessed Deductions Report

It may be helpful to generate a Unprocessed deductions report to view any outstanding or pending deductions yet to be processed.

You can run the report to see all Deductions or select optional Filter options to filter by:

- Employee/s

- Office Codes

- Specific Deductions


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