Process payroll / payslips

Before processing pays, you will need to make sure you have finalised all data for payroll depending on how you manage approvals:

  • make sure all shifts have been approved (Approve Shifts)
  • make sure all timesheets have been accepted (Timesheets)
  • make sure all leave applications for permanent staff have been approved (Leave)

From here you can go into Payroll, Pay and view draft payslips, edit payslips, export pay data to run checks. 

For more on the full payroll process, refer to the Payroll Processing Guide.


To process payslips:

1. Go to PayrollPay.

2. Under Draft Payslips, select the Period Ending date you wish to process pays for and any other filters.

3. You have the option to:

  • preview payslips (green ID button)
  • edit payslips details (Action > Edit)
  • view timesheet data (timesheet ID) and calculations
  • export pay data to run checks (Bulk Actions, Export)

(refer to the Payroll Processing Guide) for more detailed steps.)

4. To process payslips you can either click:

  • Generate Selected Payslips (using the check boxes next to each employee), or
  • Generate All Payslips



 This will now generate payslips (which will go into the employee's portal, and produce an ABA file.

5. Once generated, the payslips will appear under the Payslips tab. The ABA history button is also here to view and download your ABA.

6. You can also email payslips to employees via Bulk Actions, Email payslips to all filtered.





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