Add a new deduction type

To be able to apply deductions to employees, you need to have the deduction type set up. To set check your deduction types and add new deductions:

1.Go to the full menu (hamburger icon), Payroll Settings, then click Deductions.


2. This will display your current deduction types. You can click Edit to update an existing, or Add Deductions to add a new type.


3. Enter the deduction type Name. This will be the label shown on payslips.

4. Select the Value Type for the deduction: $ or %

5. Select if the value type is to come off the Gross Wage or Net Wage amount.

6. Select Yes or No to Pay to Another Account. Leave as No if you do not wish to pay out to another account. Please note: This cannot be added if the timesheet has already been generated for the employee.

7. Tick 'Candidate Managed' if the employee should have the ability to set up their own deduction in their employee portal.

Note: The employee will only see deductions in their Employee profile if they have a deduction type assigned.

8. Click Save.



The deduction type is now saved and can now be applied as needed.



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