Add rate labels and settings

The next step after entering pay settings is to add rate labels. Rate labels must be preset for use when you are adding positions and pay rules.

To add in rate labels:

  1. Select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and navigate to Awards & Agreements > select your desired award and from the drop down menu select Rate Labels & Settings.
    • rate_label_and_settings_navig.png
  2. Click Add Rate Label. A rate label needs to be added for each rate available under the award (including the normal rate)


  1. Rate - e.g. 1 or 1.5.
  2. Ordinary Hours label (if applicable) - e.g. 'Normal (Ordinary)' or 'Time and a half (Ordinary)'.
  3. Overtime label (if applicable) - e.g. 'Time and a Half' or 'Double'.
  4. Click Save.


5. Also ensure that you're happy with your settings which can be located by scrolling down when in the Rate Label & Settings screen.

  1. Casual Loading - the default is set to 25% (change if required).
  2. Leave Loading - enter a value (if applicable).
  3. Penalty Rate Loading Rule - choose the applicable rule for calculating penalty rates. Consult the award or agreement if you are unsure.
  4. Take away break from - select where you would like the unpaid break to be taken from.
  5. Maximum ordinary hours override - selecting yes to this will allow you to update the rules associated with maximum ordinary hours of work per day upon timesheet acceptance.
  6. All Purpose Rate - select Yes to include all allowances in pay and charge-out rates.
  7. Inclusive of Hourly Allowance - select Yes to display the allowance within the pay rate on payslips and select No to display it as a separate line item.
  8. Click Save.


  • Repeat for all applicable rates under the award/agreement. 




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