Add Rostered Day Off (RDO) accrual rules

To allow employees to be able to redeem Rostered Day's Off (RDO's), you'll first need to:

1. Set up RDO's so that they accrue. This is set at the Award level and all employees that are eligible under the RDO rules will accrue RDO.

2. Admins can edit payslips when employees redeem RDO's

Note: employees need to have an accrued RDO balance to redeem.

To create RDO accrual rules:

1. In the quick menu select the hamburger icon to open the full menu and select Awards & Agreements > Awards & Agreements.

2. Select on the name of the Award you wish to add the rule to.

3. Click RDO.


4. Click Add New Rule.

5. Select the client/operation you want to apply the rule to.

6. Enter the accrual rate e.g. 0.4

7. Enter the ordinary hours worked e.g. 8 hours

  • I.e. so if an employee works 40 hours in a week they will accrue 2 hours for that week.

8. Select to Calculate Hourly Allowances before or after RDO is taken.


9. Click Save.

2. Admins can edit payslips when employees wish to redeem RDO's.

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Pay and Draft Payslips tab
  2. Locate the relevant payslip and click Action >Edit
  3. In the employees Pay Items and under the RDO sub heading select RDO: Redeem and enter in the number of hours to redeem.
  4. Scroll to the totals and select Calculate Totals
  5. RDO_redeem_manually_payslip.png
  6. Then Preview Payslip to confirm the RDO has been redeemed correctly
  7. Once confirmed select Update Payslip.


Not able to see RDO redeemed hours on the payslip preview?

  • This could be because the employee may not have enough RDO accrued.
  • To check, navigate to the Employees profile via Approved People or using the search box > Financial Tab > YTD and confirm the hours available under RDO.


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