View, download and merge ABA files

Download ABA files for uploading to your bank

Once payslips have been generated in Pay, an ABA file is automatically generated. You can download this file for uploading to your bank. Once paid you can mark your ABA file status as Paid via Action > Pay.

You can also generate a ABA again, for example if an employee updated their bank account details after you already processed their pay (and the payment returned from the bank).

View and download

To view and download the ABA file:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Pay, Payslips tab and click ABA History. This will display all files.
  2. You can filter your ABA files according to Period Ending & additional filters such as Office Code, Operation, Employment Type, Pay Period, and Conditions if needed.

  3. Your ABA status will initially display as 'Unpaid'.
  4. To download the ABA into an importable format for your online banking institution click Actions, Download. Please note that it will take a couple of minutes for the ABA file to download.
    • Once you download your file the Status will change to 'Pending'.
  5. Then provide your ABA file to your banking instruction.
  6. Once paid you can come back into ABA History and use the Actions button to change the status on the ABA file from Pending to Paid. You'll then be prompted for a reference number and save.

  7. Please note: If you have edited any payslips you will be required to regenerate the ABA. Simply select the week ending and click Generate ABA. The new ABA will now contain the latest changes.
Merge ABA files

If you've made adjustments to your processed pay cycles which have generated new ABA files, you have the ability to merge your ABA files into one.

To merge ABAs:

  1. In ABA History Filter the ABAs to the ones you wish to merge, or manually select each one.
  2. Please note you won't be able to merge any ABAs already marked as Paid.
  3. Click Bulk Actions, Merge Selected.
  4. Enter a Label if you wish and click Generate ABA.
  5. If you do not enter a label, it will automatically be labelled with today's date.
  6. The ABA will appear at the top of the list. Click Action, Download to access the new merged ABA. file.

  7. Please note, if your ABA is not fully set up you may receive an error message.
    • To update your ABA details these can be located in the Hamburger icon> Payroll Settings > ABA Payment Settings.
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