To be able to add a new position to an Operations Rates Book, the position needs to be set up in your Awards & Agreements

See also our step by step short videos on this here.

To add the position to a rates book:

  1. Go to Operations then click Approved Operations.
  2. Find the Operation - use the search box to filter.
  3. Click on the Operation name to go to the profile.


4. Go to CardRates Book and click Edit.


5. If you would like positions to automatically calculate rates turn 'Auto Calculation' ON.


5. Select the Position you wish to add by clicking the Subclass dropdown. This contains all your positions as set up in your Awards & Agreements.


6. Scroll down to the position you added, and complete the rates as needed.

*Please note if your operation invoices then charge rates will be displayed as pictured, otherwise only base and casual rates will appear. 

7. Select the Work Cover Rate from the dropdown at the bottom of the position rates details.

8. Click Save.





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